Blues For Kids
Vasko the Patch And His First Attempts At The Theatre

Vasko the Patch - our favourite singer from the "blue" demonstrations - is now very unexpectedly making his mark as a song-writer for the children's performance "A Suitcase Full Of Nonsense" at the Youth Theatre. The Premiere is today at 5 p.m. Nikolai Poliakov, who is the director, for the first time in Bulgaria puts on stage a children's tale from Lyudmila Petrushevska, who is a leading dramatist in Russia, and she has been living in forced silence for decades.
"Why did the bard from the street write music for the theatre?"
"First, I can't write music... But I feel deep respect for the theatre. That's why I made up my mind to make a few songs for this children's comedy, written by the famous Russian dissident. I like "The Blue Ballad" the best, because I have often felt down-and-out in life too."
"Are your children coming with you to the performance?"
"Bobby is still a baby, but Vasilena is four and she can enjoy it. I'll be glad if all the children come - and if they come with their moms and dads! And I invite everybody who loves blues, because that's my music. Long live children, flowers and blues!"

Tzvetanka Iordanova


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