In The Basement of Ideals

Instead of wondering where it is - ask Vasko Georgiev - the Patch. This basement really exists and ideals are a fact too. At least Vasko the Patch believes in them. That's why authentic Bulgarian rhythm-and-blues exists too. In September 1989 Vasko put on his Jack Carouack's jeans and he went downstairs into the basement with the boys, who played in Poduene Blues Band at the time (musicians in the band still change). So, you know whatwas played there - rhythm-and-blues, delta-blues or"Southern pain", covers of old and modern masters of
the guitar, there were musical journeys with the electric voice of guitars and good fun with harmonicas, there was lots of beer and dark feelings to get to the extreme emotional authenticity of the sound which everybody knows as Poduene Blues Band. I think that even two songs - "Communism Is Going Away" and "The Stray Dog" - are enough to express the essence of their music and lyrics - their striving for freedom and their desire for liberation from the chains of conventionalism, a childlike honesty and sincerity, popularity and hit-like sound but in a good sense. The creator of all this variety is Vasko.
In the annual research of the weekly magazine for rock music "Rhythm" Vasko was announced to be the best Bulgarian frontman almost with no rivalry."The last one at school, in the army, on the stage of life, but top of the pops - it isn't bad, is it?!"

Ivailo Kitzov


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