Vasko The Patch And John Mayall Drove Bucurest Crazy

On the second day of the Romanian Blues Festival about ten standard songs were played, but they couldn't impress the audience. They were just applauded. "Sofia Blues Band" were waiting backstage.
"Did you like the band?"
"They are OK, but everything is too sterile. No adventure."
"Will you make it?"
"I hope so!"
They started with "I Just Wanna Make Love". The audience was pleased. Two songs later the people were singing "няма бира" (in Bulgarian) and The Patch was singing "neie bere" (in Romanian). They got crazy when he started dashing around on the backs of the seats. After one or two songs they cooled down. Kamen The Barrel went on stage. He didn't lose his time, he started singing. His full-toned voice got the audience and they started shouting and singing.
Everybody got up and sang, when The Patch and The Barrel sang a song together. The Barrel started singing "Feel So Good". Who had heard him, knew that James Brown didn't sing it better. Then both the Romanian and the Bulgarian fans were dancing together. The band performed three encores. The end was again a duet of The Patch and The Barrel - Stones' "Honky Tonk Woman". Great applause!
It was full of journalists backstage. They were asking for a few words at least. Bukurest was fascinated. The owner of the famous rock club "Big Mamu" appeared and invited them for a session the same night. They said "yes".
It was boring to be around the band on the next day. Endless fans were queueing for authographs and to touch their favourites.

With contractions from:
Stepan Poliakov
Demokracia newspaper
May 28, 1995


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