No More Life On Bended Knees

Poduene Blues Band was born at the time of communism in the poor Poduene pubs. The band has hardly appeared at the hungry times of Lukanov's rule, when it created furor. Songs like "Bureaucrat" gathered us in crowded little halls and gave us hope we were not alone against the anonymous machine of bureaucracy. At the enthusiasm of the demonstrations Vasko's name became a symbol of freedom, and people went out marching in the streets because of songs like "Communism Is Going Away", "The Stray Dog", "Don't Worry, That's Blues".
Today, when it seems old times, censorship and terror are coming back, and we are caught up by scepticism, we need Poduene Blues Band's blues even more. At the concert at "Hristo Botev" hall Vasko electrified the audience again. "Let There Be Light" and "The Call Of The Wild" are the new symbols of rebellion and they make us believe in our strength.

I met Vasko at Eddy's pub, where he plays every Thursday.
"Is anybody interested to form the audience taste and what are the means to do it?"
"Yes, definitely. Propaganda, yellow newspapers, media. All my life media aim to make people critisize everything without thinking. That's why hatred is so strong. When one hates without thinking, it is easy to control his taste."
"Does it mean that somebody is afraid of music?"
"Rock music and especially blues are rebellious, and they have always been dangerous for tyrants."
"Is it time for rebellion and freedom?"
"There's no time for freedom - you are either free or you are not. You either fight for it or you give up. I've never stopped being a rebel. And the music we make with Poduene Blues Band has always been helping me."
"Do you have the ambition to change something?"
"I have no great ambitions. In general I stand for myself, my believes, and my soul. If somebody likes it, I'm satisfied."
"What would you like to tell our readers?"
"You're a cool generation, and you're my hope, because I can see you don't easily give up."

Vladimir Ionchev
"Hliab i sol" newspaper
April 29, 1996


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