Who makes the image of Bulgarian Blues -
the answer is PODUENE BLUES BAND

The idea has been existing for ten years ago. Five musicians with love called blues gathered together on a nice autumn day in 1989. They have played everywhere since then. They have become poplar with the songs Vasko writes and sings, which are up-to-date and close to most people with their sound and problems. The band entertains people of all ages at all the Bulgarian parties. "The Blues matches our reality. The Bulgarians feel the blues, because it is like our life. Our group is open for everybody who plays blues" says the leader of the band Vasko the Patch. They rehearse rarely but successfully. "Communism is leaving", "There's no beer, "Sunny beach Blues", "The stray dog" have become hits and are sung by everybody. The band is ready to release a new album. Before PBB appear on the stage, they don't use dressing rooms, they don't change the costumes. "Patched jeans are my costume" says Vasko. It doesn't matter where they are - at The National Palace of Culture, in the park or at the Country Club, Poduene Blues Band does their best-they play with all their heart. Perhaps that's why people like them...

Antonia Delcheva


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