And this time imperceptibly, but decisively passed in an unusual country, rich in musical traditions and mainly in musical interests. Not that its musicians were unwilling to play blues. They played it in pubs and at concerts, and they enjoyed it, because blues was at the root of everything they called pop and rock music.


"I began to play only blues after a concert in the summer of 1989", Vasko the Patch remembers. "Before that I had been playing with Razvi (Razvigor Popov) and Mimi Ivanova for a long time. I had been a drummer and I still feel like a drummer by nature. Then, at this concert, when I heard "Konkurent", "Control", "Ahat", "Era", I felt something inside. That was a turning point.Razvi had taught me a lot of things about music and about our business, but I turned out to be a bluesman and that was the time to realize it once and forever!"
Time has passed very quickly since that moment for Vasko. The first three songs - "Bureaucrat", "The Band Split Up", and "Sunny Beach Blues" - were recorded at "Balkantourist" studio for a week.

All of us were happy because it was the first real Bulgarian blues.Then, in 1990, listening to the first live concert on the radio ("Horizon" - "Sunday 150" programme) - live from the Summer theatre in Sofia, we were amazed at their sound - free, unpretentious, cool! That was his blues and it has always been like that since then! A month later the rock programme "Sunday 90" and several bands - "Signal", "Atlas", "Poduene Blues Band" and an English trash group - went on tour around the country and people everywhere welcomed Poduene Blues Band and Vasko the Patch as friends! Their music attracted people who felt like hippies and they are the friendliest kind of rock music fans!
Now Vasko is poor and modest as always, he sings against everything he doesn't like and he sings only blues. Because "that's the music of the street, brother! I have this street in my soul. The street is poor, but my soul is rich. I have two children - a boy and a girl - and I'm married to a woman, who loves me and she doesn't want to change me... I'm at peace and I want to make a double album with our songs and old blues hits. The first part will be called "The Stray Dog" and the second one - "Blues". I don't have money to release the album, but a firm, called "In Time" are going to help me.


Sergey Dzhokanov


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